Concept 2 in 1 : a tile that can be used both for floor as for wall application

The composants of PARCOSTONE are exactly the same as for PARCOLUX : a mix of PVC and Titanium.  The top layer is designed to be anti-slip and reaches R10 level which means that it is fit for use in homes for the elderly or hospitals.

The characteristics remain : 100% waterresistant, no swelling or changing form.   It does not release any formaldehyde or plasticizers, is 100% recyclable and UV light resistant.

PARCOSTONE and PARCOSTONE LARGE are products that are meant for both commercial (light) applications as for residential use. Commercial warranty is standard 5 years and for residential use 20 years.





The PARCOSTONE flooring options and colors

The ideal flooring for those who want a floor that answers to all the requirements of a safe daily life.